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Foot and hand and mouth disease

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This article i just to show the facts not anything else. This article Estradiol Gel (Elestrin)- Multum just trial to show the fact of Mohamed El Naschie by scientific proof. Really we have been disappointed very much when we saw foot and hand and mouth disease journals like Almasry Alyom, Almesryoon, El Primezone astrazeneca, El Akhbar and many big Egyptian journals are speaking about him that he is the best physicist after Newton and Einstein.

Now, the members of the parliament of IKHWAN Muslims are asking why Mohamed El Naschie has not selected in mouht council of Technology of Egypt. We want to prove our words with a scientific proof which could convince a professional man. His papers disese carried the affiliation of Cambridge University has been withdrawn because Prof Michel Green ( Chief of DAMPT at Cambridge University) complained to ARXIV that Mr El Naschie didnot have at any time the Cambridge University. You could look at the following sites.

Mohamed El Naschie was traind as a Civil Engineer, with an foot and hand and mouth disease on structural mechanics. He achieved international fame, as well as fortune, in a short period of time during which individuals like your good andd would have probably spent cooking up lies about others. Once he resolved a number of critical issues in mechanics, his inqisitive foot and hand and mouth disease led him to start reading in physics.

How many researchers made the foot and hand and mouth disease from structural engineering to pure physics, and achieved international recognition of their work in both within 20 years.

ONLY Mohamed El Naschie. That he does not have ANY degree in physics snd indeed his Miracle, not a point to be ashemd of. I was sitting next to the late Ilya Prigogine, Professor at foot and hand and mouth disease University of Brussels, I think, and a Nobel Loreate (1977), when Mohamed El Naschie was giving a lecture, using the black board acidi ursodeoxycholic a piece of chalk.

Trade said about your slander. Dksease YES, Mohamed El Naschie mouyh honored in China like very very few are, and a whole conference, to which I was invited but could not go, was held in his honor and named after him.

What is the standing of the Conference Chair is really not an important issue, but for people like you. Finally, why does El Naschei publish in his own journal. Simple, if I had a shop selling cars, and I was the best car manufacturer in the world, why bless astrazeneca plc shops with my cars.

I would place my cars in my shop. Good luck with your anger management course. I think the case of El naschie is a scandal by all measures. This case opens the door for many questions: what are the organizations involved in this matter.

In the first place, one can mention Cambridge foot and hand and mouth disease which allowed him foot and hand and mouth disease publish his articles foot and hand and mouth disease nearly ten years 1993-2001 using its affiliation.

It is far from reality to imagine that people in Cambridge have been fooled ahnd that long time. In the second place, it comes Elsevier that has been the main stage for producing such a scandal bomb of heavy weight.

It is clear that there have been many people behind that matter who got direct benefits (earning money, most foot and hand and mouth disease from El Naschie himself). Having read all this trash and defamatory slander against Mohamed El Naschie on this site, I realized foot and hand and mouth disease the style and the awkward English of the Author who calls himself Annonymous who is aching about poor Egypt and its media. Al Shishtawi hahd real name is Said Salah El-Din Hamad.

The lady went to prison while her husband Said escaped to the USA for nine years. Now his is back to take revenge and he is hiring pfizer labs internet foot and hand and mouth disease to help him.

That is all what there is to it. Simon, last anonymous,what must I do to gain your cairvoyant capabilities. Getting this deep understanding of shallow motives such as ramblings for extortion foot and hand and mouth disease money and back handers for silence, extracting the identity of vaccine safety from a few sentences by analysing style and the awkward English.

Is a grasp of E-infinity sufficient, or does it require stronger drugs. Anyway, defamation is on your side, entirely. Have a nice life, nevertheless. What you are saying here shows a major faux pas, hasty and faulty judgement.

Here are two samples of about 250 others. First, Superstrings, knots and noncommutative geometry in E-infinity space, published in Int. Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol. The Editor-in-Chief is Prof. David Foot and hand and mouth disease hwnd Georgia Foot and hand and mouth disease University, himself a distinguished theoretical physicist.

I know that the referee of foot and hand and mouth disease particular paper tests in men test connected to the Nobel prize. He was avn countless conferences and has been honored by numerous universities and institutions all over the world.

There is no need whatsoever to defame people and to undermine them because you are obviously getting defamatory and untrue information foot and hand and mouth disease sick souls who are jealous, vindictive or both.

This campaign reflects badly on you and I foot and hand and mouth disease sure it will have far reaching repercussions against you and your blogs and your scientific credibility. I sense a lot of hate and jealousy. FloresHi Flores,I am sure it will have far reaching repercussions against you and your blogs and your scientific credibility. Is this supposed to be a threat. You know what: I have had the pleasure to listen to talks of El Naschie, and he is producing rubbish, in my humble opinion.

Well, Disdase know how to use spires, thanks for the advice. Thanks, StefanHi Foot and hand and mouth disease are out of your depth in this subject. Foot and hand and mouth disease is a very cheap shot invoked when physicists are unfamiliar with Cantor sets and number theory which is the queen of mathematics.

Mohamed El Naschie uses causal and partially ordered sets as well as number theory. You obviously understand neither. But any case and also with respect your objective is not science. You seem to have something completely different in mind and everyone reading this blog knows it. It sure would be a drag if these papers were to be looked pipeline science and technology upon because of the journal they are published in (it is a journal devoted to fractals after all).

But I doubt that could ever happen, what with scientists and mathematicians being such invariably objective people.



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