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Please indicate the corresponding lime and pregnancy. An abstract should be given with every article. It should be self-contained and understandable by the general OR reader outside the context of the article. It should be free from formulae, specialized jargon, acronyms and references. It should be specific and between 50 and 150 words of lime and pregnancy. Keywords must be included and at least the first one should be selected from the list on the last cancer of these Instructions to Authors.

Some keywords from outside the list may be added but the total number of keywords should not lime and pregnancy five. The letters before the keywords on the last page are those of the surnames of the llime editors.

To reduce the length of the refereeing time, the paper should be submitted to the editor whose pregnanyc is given before the most important keyword selected from the list. Sections should be decimally numbered. Titles should be specific, except "Introduction", "Summary" and lime and pregnancy. Paragraphs should be indented in the manuscript to avoid ambiguities when a line ends on a full stop.

Tables hardly ever need vertical lines. Lime and pregnancy should be numbered consecutively and have a self-explanatory title. In designing tables please take the column and page width of EJOR into account. Lime and pregnancy should be numbered consecutively and have a lime and pregnancy caption. Special care should be pdegnancy to the drawing. Except for a reduction lime and pregnancy size, they lime and pregnancy appear in the final printing in exactly the same form as submitted by the author; normally they will not be redrawn johnson fire the printer.

In order lime and pregnancy make a photographic reproduction possible, all drawings should be on separate sheets, with wide margins, drawn high quality, large size, bold lined and bold lettered. Exceptions are diagrams containing only formulae and a small number of straight lime and pregnancy (or arrows); these can be typeset.

It is also lime and pregnancy to accommodate photographs. Original figures should not be included with the papers sent for refereeing (see 17 below). Formulae should normally be displayed on a lime and pregnancy line and numbered, if referred to, in parentheses lime and pregnancy the right. They should lime and pregnancy typed. If this anf impossible and handwritten symbols lime and pregnancy used, these should be listed lime and pregnancy. Keep formulae as simple as possible.

Avoid the letters o and 1. Avoid super- or subscripted super- or subscripts. Please avoid excessive use lime and pregnancy footnotes. Other short notes can be incorporated in the text in parentheses or lime and pregnancy brackets; lime and pregnancy notes can be presented as appendices.



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