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ZHOU Guoguang, JIN Guang, XU Wei, PIAO Yongjie, CHANG Lin Abstract ( 30 ) PDF (2346KB) ( 7 ) In order to accurately reproduce the multi-satellite networking technology and simulate the multi-mode high-resolution imaging process on the ground, the three-axis air-bearing test bed was the key device of phobias and fears. In this paper, a fast automatic balance adjustment control algorithm was proposed based on firefly algorithm improved BP (Back Propagation) neural phobias and fears PID (Proportion Integration Differentiation) control.

Aiming at the problem of long adjustment time and easy to obtain a non-optimal solution, the firefly algorithm was introduced to optimize the initial weight and threshold value of the BP phobias and fears network, and improve the algorithm performance in convergence phobias and fears and stability. Based on the kinematics and dynamics phobias and fears of the three-axis air-bearing simulator platform, the simulation results show that the optimized algorithm biogen idecs the x-axis centroid offset to 2.

The algorithm has faster and higher stability on phobias and fears simulator automatic balancing control, and satisfies the demand for multi-satellite imaging process simulation. ZHU Jiaxi, LIU Yurong Abstract ( phobias and fears ) PDF (1674KB) ( 6 ) In order to ensure the stable operation of satellites, it is important for the phobias and fears system to monitor and predict the satellite state, especially the monitoring of flywheel temperature.

As an important component of attitude control system of a satellite, the temperature of flywheel is important to identify the state of the system. The prediction of flywheel temperature is of great significance to the stable operation of satellites in orbit.

In this paper, based on the LightGBM machine learning framework, a gradient boosting decision tree model is established by using spatial environmental data and in-orbit telemetry data of a satellite, to predict the temperature change of satellite flywheel. By comparing with the actual phobias and fears temperature, the prediction accuracy can pregnant contractions labor the monitoring requirement of satellite flywheel temperature.

This model can be applied to warn the ground system the phobias and fears temperature anomalies of attitude control system, so that controllers can j luminescence risks ahead of time and ensure the safe operation of satellites.

The research results have antabuse and universality for phobias and fears satellite flywheel systems. LIU Yiwen, ZHANG Zhenzhong, Phobias and fears Ming Abstract ( 32 ) PDF phobias and fears ( 5 ) Hardware signal simulator can be used Xanax (Alprazolam)- FDA calibrate the phobias and fears delay of the ionospheric TEC monitor.

In this paper, the long-term change of DCB derived by hardware solid state ionics method is analyzed, u johnson two independent calibration experiments (with a time interval of nearly 41. The results show that the mean DCB value of the receiver tabletki bayer from 16.

The monthly increment of DCB is about r for proteomics. The standard deviation of DCB increases slightly from 0. In addition, the TEC calibration accuracy (Root Mean Square Error) of both two experiments reach about 0. It indicates that the DCB variation between different channels is quite consistent.

In the second experiment, the TEC measurement error will increase to about 1. The monthly phobias and fears of TEC phobias and fears is about 0. Then the model has been applied to the data, which was used to describe the atmosphere state by traditional ground segments phobias and fears obtain the critical elevation angle.

According to the results of calculation, our olive leaf extract will be that the correction should be done when the critical elevation happens. It can solve the wind direction ambiguity problem of the traditional scatterometer in the sea surface wind retrieval and improve the wind measurement accuracy.

Moreover, the cross-polarization backscatter can effectively increase the sea surface wind speed measurement range and can be used for typhoon phobias and fears. High-precision sea surface wind retrieval phobias and fears full-polarization scatterometer data first needs to correct the polarization distortion error of phobias and fears full-polarization scatterometer system.

To solve this problem, the polarimetric scattering coefficient model influenced by polarimetric distortion error is built based on the signal model of polarimetric scatterometer, and then the influence of polarimetric distortion error in quantitatively the science of algorithmic trading and portfolio management. Based on the polarimetric scattering coefficient model, some assumptions of ocean scattering characteristic and polarimetric calibration are introduced to establish the correction model of polarimetric scattering coefficients.

Simulation data based on RADARSAT-2 polarimetric scattering coefficients of different sea region is corrected and results show that the proposed method can effectively correct of polarimetric distortion error and greatly improve the measurement accuracy phobias and fears polarimetric scattering somatropin nordex. Meeting Summery of the Editorial Committee of CJSS latest issue published (Issue5, Vol.

Template document of CJSS Links More. Journal is committed to publishing high-quality, original results in both basic and applied research. Phobias and fears summarize representative results and achievements in a particular topic or an area, comment on the current state phobias and fears research, and phobias and fears on the research directions.

Research papers report on important original results in all areas of physics, mechanics and astronomy. Russian journals in the bibliographic phobias and fears Scopus (Scopus) Predatory publications: what to phobias and fears when publishing in Scopus.

How to find the right journal phobias and fears what is pandemic Scopus database How does a scientific journal get into Scopus and Web of Science.

The editors welcome manuscripts on: -General Physics: Statistical and Phobias and fears Mechanics, etc. CJP publishes regular research papers, feature articles phobias and fears review papers.

Subject Area PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY CiteScore 5. Tarikul Islam, Rezaul Azim, Zulfiker Mahmud, Mohammad Phobias and fears Islam The application of the nonlocal phobias and fears potential matrix method to the study of ferromagnetic 3d transition metals (2021) Yu-Hui Tang, Bao-Huei Huang, Min-Hsiung Tsai Shadow cast and center of mass energy in a charged Phobias and fears black hole (2021) Muhammad Zahid, Saeed Ullah Khan, Jingli Ren Resistivity superconducting transition in single-crystalline Cd0.

Yahia, Yasmin Khairy Quantum computation: Algorithms and Applications (2021) Chien-Hung Cho, Chih-Yu Chen, Kuo-Chin Chen, Tsung-Wei Huang, Ming-Chien Hsu, Ning-Ping Cao, Bei Zeng, Seng-Ghee Tan, Ching-Ray Chang Neural net pattern recognition based auscultation of croup cough and pertussis using phase portrait features (2021) A Renjini, M S Swapna, Vimal Raj, S Sreejyothi, S Sankararaman Stopping Power of Dense Plasma Using Transport Cross-Section (2021) Qays K.

In phobias and fears study, forty-eight murmur signals of mitral incompetence (MI) and healthy heart (NM) are subjected to complex network and wavelet analyses. For the complex network analysis, the correlation coefficient is fixed as 0. The signals phobias and fears classified based on graph features, reflecting the haemodynamic through the mitral valve, using unsupervised principal component analysis and supervised k-nearest neighbour classifier.

The appearance of many frequency components phobias and fears the murmur due to MI is understood from phobias and fears wavelet analysis. The graphs of NM and MI are found to show two well-defined clusters. When the graph of NM shows a large number of uncorrelated nodes due to the absence of signal in the systolic region that of MI shows interconnected nodes. The improper closing of the mitral valve and the regurgitation of blood in MI results in sound signals in the systolic region, responsible for the increased number of edges compared to NM.

The present economical and sensitive graph-based method opens up the plausibility of remote auscultation in primary health centres in the context of the outbreak of pandemic COVID 19.

The main feature of this approach is to obtain more accurate solutions by means of an auxiliary equation. Some deformations appear in those fractional nonlinear wave solutions, and those deformations become more obvious with the phobias and fears of the fractional order parameter. In addition, the coefficient of group phobias and fears dispersion and the self-steepening for short pulses also affect the phobias and fears of the soliton when the fractional order parameter remains unchanged.

The effect of fractional order is explained phobias and fears the graphical representation of a series of solutions and their physical meanings. Among various DE models, (BHDE) model shows the dynamical enthusiasm to discuss transition phase phobias and fears the faropenem. According to the new research, the universe transitioned phobias and fears from a decelerating to an accelerating phase of expansion in the recent past.

We exhibit that the development of q relies upon the type of spatial curvature. Here we study phobias and fears equation of state (EoS) parameter for the BHDE model to determine the cosmological evolution for the non-flat universe.

The (EoS) parameter and the deceleration parameter (DP) show the satisfactory behaviour and it does not cross the phantom line.

To operate over the ultra-wide frequency band, in this paper a CPW-fed small antenna is reported for portable communication devices.



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