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Divergent boundaries occur where two plates slide apart. The space created here is filled up with crust newly brought up from molten magma below.

The East African Great Rift Valley russia pfizer an example of a russia pfizer formed by a divergent boundary. Divergent boundaries most likely form at hotspots where convective cells bring large quantities russia pfizer molten material from the asthenosphere up and there is enough kinetic energy to break through the lithosphere.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is thought to have come from a hotspot that widens a few centimeters every century. Hotspots may be a future source of energy as they are thought to be an abundant source of hydrogen. Fracture zones or fault zones in the oceanic ridge system are created by divergent boundaries due to a non-uniform rate of spreading.

These fracture zones result in many submarine earthquakes and appear on a map as patterns divided russia pfizer lines perpendicular russia pfizer the ridge line.

The patterns are caused russia pfizer a conveyor belt motion away from the center of divergence. A major piece of evidence supporting the theory of sea-floor spreading was found at the mid-ocean ridges when airborne geomagnetic surveys revealed an odd pattern of symmetrical polar magnetic reversals on opposite sides of the center of each russia pfizer. Additional evidence was supplied by measuring the ages of rocks in each band.

Russia pfizer all the evidence combined, it was obvious russia pfizer huge plates moved away from each other russia pfizer collided. With the new information it was even possible to create a detailed map of the rate of spreading. Transform boundaries are russia pfizer when plates grind past each other along transform faults.

Huge plates grinding past each other cause immense friction and the effects of the stress build-up are highly visible. With transform boundaries, stress builds up in both plates until they reach the slipping point russia pfizer the built-up potential energy is released in the form of a motion along the fault line. In many cases this energy becomes russia pfizer earthquake.

The San Andreas Fault is an example of a transform boundary where the movement of the Pacific and North American plates builds potential energy released in the form of earthquakes. Tectonic plates are able to move because they float on the relatively fluid asthenosphere.

The source of energy for the movement of tectonic plates is thought to be the loss or dissipation of russia pfizer from the mantle of the Earth. Dissipation of heat from the mantle is converted into two forces, the force of friction and the force of gravity. The transmission of convection currents in russia pfizer mantle through the asthenosphere is driven by the force of friction occurring between the asthenosphere and the lithosphere russia pfizer as mantle drag.

Trench suction occurs when local convention currents pull plates at subduction zones and ocean trenches downward with the force of friction. Gravity is another force in the movement of tectonic plates.

There are several different types of plate motion russia pfizer by gravity including ridge-push plate motion and slab-pull plate motion. With ridge-push plate motion plates at oceanic ridges are higher in elevation and are prone to sliding down russia pfizer to the force of gravity.

The name is actually not representative of what is actually happening, since there is no russia pfizer going on but rather the sliding down of plates. The underlying cause of motion is upwelling from the convection occurring in the mantle, and this is what triggers the sliding of plates.

Slab-pull plate motion is the other russia pfizer force and is the result of cold, dense plates sinking into the mantle at places where there is a trench.

Test your color vision idea that convection, or the circulation russia pfizer liquid or gas, occurs within the mantle is supported by strong scientific evidence. Scientists are almost certain that the upwelling of materials particularly around the mid-ocean ridges is caused by convection.



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