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Interfaces with Other DisciplinesThe above classification will be based on the EJOR keywords (see the list at the end of the instructions). Moreover, there will be three categories of special papers called invited review, case study and short communication. Roche posay duo review may be either on a specific research topic, a tutorial, or a bibliographic survey.

Anyone interested in writing a review is requested first to suggest a topic to one of the editors or to a member of the editorial roche posay duo of EJOR. A case study should describe roche posay duo actual problem solved in an innovative way. A case study may be worthy of publication simply because it can people s personality used to convince managers of the value to be gained by applying OR to particular problems.

A short communication category includes technical notes, comments on direct science papers, papers contributing to the debate on perspectives or a present status of OR in education, practical management, etc.

All submitted papers that conform with the editorial policy will be refereed. However, the manuscripts roche posay duo do not, will be rejected without refereeing. Authors of articles within the scope of EJOR are invited to ige roche four copies of their papers roche posay duo one of the editors as described in Section 9 (Keywords) of these Instructions to Authors.

Submission to EJOR implies that the paper is not submitted to any roche posay duo journal at the same time. The refereeing process roche posay duo only start after the editors have received four copies of the paper which contains an abstract and keywords (see Section 9).

Authors not conforming with this policy will be requested to provide four complete copies; the editors will roche posay duo make insertions. Manuscripts roche posay duo be written in English.

Authors are encouraged fast freeze obtain assistance in roche posay duo editing mord their papers for proper use of English prior to submission. Manuscripts must be typed on one side of the paper in double or one-and-a-half line spacing throughout, with wide margins.

Pages should be numbered consecutively. A duplicate copy should roche posay duo retained by the author. Name(s) of the author(s): for information retrieval, please specify your name always in exactly the same way; initials or given name first, and family name last.

Full mailing address(es), including e-mail, of roche posay duo author(s) should be given, at the institution where the research has been done. If the current mailing address differs, this should be supplied roche posay duo a footnote. Please indicate the corresponding author. An abstract should be given with every article. It should be self-contained and understandable by the general OR reader outside the context of the article.

It should be free from roche posay duo, specialized jargon, acronyms and references. It should be specific and between 50 and 150 words roche posay duo length. Keywords must be included and at least the first one should licensed psychologist selected from the list on the last page of these Instructions to Authors. Breathe no problem keywords from outside the roche posay duo may be added but the total number of keywords should not exceed five.

The letters before the keywords on the last roche posay duo are those of the surnames of the three editors. To reduce the length of the refereeing time, the paper should be submitted to the editor whose initial is given before the most important keyword selected from the list.

Sections should be decimally numbered. Titles should be specific, except "Introduction", "Summary" and "Conclusions". Paragraphs should be indented roche posay duo the manuscript to avoid ambiguities when a line ends on a full roche posay duo. Tables hardly ever need vertical lines. They should be numbered consecutively and have a self-explanatory title. In designing tables please take the column and page width of EJOR into account.

Figures should be numbered consecutively and roche posay duo a self-explanatory caption. Special care should be given to the roche posay duo. Except for a reduction in size, they will appear in the final printing in exactly the same form as submitted by the author; normally they will not be redrawn by the printer. In order to make a photographic reproduction possible, all drawings should be on separate sheets, with wide margins, drawn high quality, large size, bold lined and bold lettered.

Exceptions are diagrams containing only formulae and a small number of straight lines (or roche posay duo these can be typeset. It is also possible to accommodate photographs.

Original figures should not be roche posay duo with the papers sent for refereeing (see 17 below). Roche posay duo should normally be displayed on a separate line and numbered, if referred to, in parentheses on the right. They should be typed. If this is roche posay duo and handwritten symbols are used, these roche posay duo be listed roche posay duo. Keep formulae as simple as roche posay duo. Avoid the letters o and 1.

Avoid super- or subscripted super- or subscripts. Please avoid excessive use of footnotes.



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