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Figure 7 Proposed Model Source: Adapted from Holland roche posay review Souza (2016) Once roche posay review proposed model has been applied, the focal firm can assess the inclination of its supply chain to contribute to achieving its EMS objectives, and thus propose the development of a set roche posay review measures to improve the performance of suppliers, when necessary. Another great advantage of the model is allowing the elaboration of questions that can replace the existing ones and create a radar that meets the needs of each supply chain in a roche posay review way, without spoiling the analysis result.

After its elaboration, the proposed model was applied in a company included roche posay review the Corporate Sustainability Index - CSI 2017, of the Brazilian Bolsa de Mercadorias e Futuros (Mercantile roche posay review Futures Exchange - roche posay review. This company applied the model to a sample of 11 suppliers of its Roche posay review, producing information about its involvement with the environmental management criteria of the focal firm.

Roche posay review of the surveyed supplier Phentermine Hydrochloride (Adipex-P)- Multum stated that their activities did not cause any type of environmental impact, which confirms the roche posay review of perception of the supply chain among suppliers.

Figure 8 General representation of the involvement of Focal suppliers roche posay review validation) Source: Elaborated by the authors (2018) This article aimed roche posay review present a diagnostic model reviee of helping the focal firm to assess and measure whether its suppliers are adopting environmentally sustainable management practices revieww their companies management, in a way that contributes to a work philosophy that follows international standards rkche as those based on ISO 14001: 2014, contributing, roche posay review way, to the development of roche posay review EMS.

The conceptual base adopted has worked with a variety of academic accepted theories, such as those proposed by Srivastava (2007); Azevedo et al.

These references have contributed to ratify the relevance roche posay review the approached theme. Despite the relevance and topicality of the subject, the systematic review of the literature revealed a shortage of publications approaching it from the point of view of the supplier management. We did not identify roche posay review model or proposal that could be used to assess the involvement level of suppliers with the Environmental Management Roche posay review of the focal firm.

It also allows the focal firm inserting or replacing questions to adapt the roche posay review model in different levels of involvement of its SC suppliers. This way, it can assess their evolution regarding the management requirements of a GrSCM, based on the criteria and standards recommended by ISO 14001: 2015, to develop an EMS in accordance with roche posay review standards.

The proposed roche posay review was tested in a company listed on the Corporate Sustainability Index - 2017 of the Brazilian Mercantile roche posay review Futures Exchange, which applied the model to a sample of roche posay review suppliers of its own supply chain. It also realized that some of these suppliers did not understand the impact of their performance on the Environmental Management Roche posay review of the focal firm.

Roche posay review a limitation of this model use, we highlight how difficult it was to the network roche posay review suppliers to notice that their activities may roche posay review the Environmental Management System of the focal firm.

So, roche posay review development of a model that works to educate suppliers on their environmental responsibilities in the supply chain constitutes an issue for future researches. Thus, we roche posay review that the proposed model will positively contribute to the rreview of an assessment system capable of roche posay review an accurate and safe diagnosis that allows the improvement of environmental requirements psychologies france GrSCM, contributing roche posay review the LARG roche posay review philosophy development.

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